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For its beauty, strength and character, wood is the flooring of choice in homes and high-end shops, hotels and restaurants. Tarkett has created its ATELIER collection of exclusive oak wooden flooring to bring a new level of craftsmanship, quality and expression to interior design. ATELIER is a collection conceived and produced in Europe to bring you the ultimate in wooden floors, adapted to live and age in perfect harmony with indoor and outdoor European climate and lifestyles. Our floors are constructed to provide high stability and resistance with a beautiful patina that adds to a lived-in and loved feel over time. All products in ATELIER collection are Cradle To Cradle certified.

  • Elegance is our most exclusive plank with a 4,0 mm wear layer. The width is as much as 280 mm and the length 2520 mm. A product range with a basic design by nature itself with a mix of “animation and calm”. The design is emphasized with a light brushing and for some of them, with a stain that adds expression while also highlighting the structure of the wood. For installations with special...

  • Extra rustic oak plank with a 3,5 mm wear layer. Exclusive appearance where natur’s natural “defects” are given extra scope for creating an exciting, rustic design. The design is emphasized with staining and heavily brushed surface, as well as manually produced bevels.
    Natural cracks and “defects” react more to variations in relative humidity. That is part of the design concept. During...

  • A plank flooring that with the help from stain, mechanical abrasion and brushing gets a worn look with an exciting, natural character. Sawmarks, roughness and small knotholes gives the genuine beautiful and worn surface immediately upon installation. New and old at the same time.

  • Exclusive 14 mm oak plank with 3,5 mm wear layer. A bouquet of four products where the stains are inspired by seasonal colour palettes. All of them have a brushed surface and handmade long-side maxi bevels, which allows the natural colour of oak to penetrate the stain, which gives the floor a special and exciting character.

  • A new warm and comfortable experience of wooden floors. The worn effect resembles the natural wear and tear like done from sun, wind and water. A new brushing technique brings out the beautiful qualities of the wood while still retaining all the benefits of wood flooring from Tarkett.

  • A timeless floor in a classic wood pattern but with a new twist creates an exciting surface. The play of light and different angles alter the appearance of the floor. The oil is enhancing this effect in a most natural way.