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Make it personal ... Design it Do it Enjoy it The ultimate way to personalize any interior space. Starfloor makes you the designer of your own floor by mixing and matching from a wide-ranging combination of plank and tile decors. Starfloor is where simplicity meets creativity. Planks and tiles come in easy to carry boxes and with a selfadhesive backing that makes laying easy and intuitive. Each floor is ‘made to measure’ in design and dimension, so there is little waste. As all planks and tiles are highly resistant to stains and scratches there is minimal maintenance making Starfloor the ideal economic and ecological choice. Watch the video on our YouTube channel

  • Beauty bestowed by time in an instant, with a range of worn oak looks
    in natural tones.

    A patina of weather and age that suggests tradition and craftsmanship, with a deeply embossed surface that adds realistic texture.
    Comfortable underfoot and sound absorbent, Extreme Protection treatment provides a surface 7-times harder than ordinary vinyl.

  • Urban chic through a choice of modern and contemporary styles.
    Black and white, stripes and linear patterns, metallic, matt and gloss, offer the opportunity to create sophisticated effects that contrast or harmonise.
    Comfortable underfoot and noise absorbent, the Extreme Protection surface treatment provides a tough, easy to clean and long-lasting floor.

  • Soft mineral tones for modernity through simplicity.
    Explore the world of minerals with subtle matt effects in contemporary shades and designs that range from rough, porous stone to smooth waxed concrete. Comfortable underfoot and noise absorbent, Extreme Protection treatment also provides outstanding durability.

  • Classic wood designs for style, elegance and authenticity in perfect harmony.
    The self-adhesive Starfloor format makes it exceptionally easy to achieve a new style, with a floor that’s comfortable underfoot and absorbs noise. The Extreme Protection surface treatment provides a tough, long-lasting floor that’s easy to clean.