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Picture of <em>Exclusives </em>

The ultimate design collection. Tarkett has created one of the largest vinyl collection with unique designs, colours and textures to match consumer tastes, modern lifestyles and the needs of every type of room. Discover more than 250 novelties, available from January 2014!

  • A selection of contemporary designs to live your style with a simple and easy product.

  • A brand new concept based on a colourful uni design with a technic embossing and a rendering just like a polo knit!

  • The Fishbone design is back in the trend and is declined at a giant scale.

  • Floors offering a variation around an industrial atmosphere with two concrete looking like uni and a rusty metallic tile.

  • A classical concept composed of an exclusive 1.33m long oak plank, a traditional Belgium stone and a cracked rustic pine. Rustic and authentic!

  • A poetic mix of graphic patterns and soft material expressions for a pure, modern and subtle flooring.

  • An experience of the Infinity effect!
    Thanks to a unique design effect, Infinity large boards seem like they are endless. You get the impression the floor is made from one single plank cut from a real trunk!

  • A floor born form urban inspirations, black & white with a metallic touch for a contemporary effect.

  • Wood in all its forms as a source of inspiration continuously reinvented for modern and trendy designs

  • A colorful uni design printed with a brand new interferential ink for exclusive creative effects. Floors with 2 colours in one!

  • When inspiration has no limits to live the floor in colours, just like a rainbow.

  • Sophisticated Flemish spirit, natural design

  • Four colours and four new designs for a cabin inspired concept to go back to one’s roots and feel like escaping into the wild

  • Creating a new story by the styles and the vintage materials. Second hand, second life!

  • Floors coming from Nordic inspiration at its best with 4 new designs in trendy colourways for a soft and protective interior atmosphere

  • Our kids design concept, offering floors for each period of the kids’ life, from toddlers to teenagers

  • A concept inspired by nature, 4 designs in 4 colours matching together to mix and match and create a cozy atmosphere.

  • A brand new flooring concept built around a giant plank of 1,5m in a trendy cascade of 10 colors for a modern and prestige setting

  • A new concept built around a variation of woods in dark and deep colour declination to create a masculine atmosphere

  • The wood floor classics with up to date colour shades.

  • Our kids design concept, whimsical designs in fun colors to create rooms that are full of life.

  • The all time classic, cement tile, to give a traditional family home style to your interior.