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Sustainability - make your balanced choice

Tarkett is a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing and has been pursuing the development of sustainable products for decades.
Our wide choice of flooring allows us to offer customized solutions – in terms of budgets, product performance and sustainability. We call this approach « Balanced Choice »

Sustainability is something we put in practice everyday in the way we design and make our products. We have focused on four key areas where customers can make a balanced choice:


Better materials
We use renewable and natural materials wherever possible and continue to increase the percentage of these materials in all our products.


Resource stewardship
Tarkett monitors its operations quarterly on five key indicators: water, energy, waste, recycling and emissions. The results are publicly reported and allow us to verify our progress in reducing our consumption of resources.


People-friendly spaces
Our floors provide safe, healthy environments where people can work, learn, play, heal and enjoy their leisure activities.  We systematically evaluate all our flooring for its contribution to indoor air quality. Our surface treatments help to conserve resources by reducing the need for water, detergents and energy.  


Reuse and recycle
We use more recycled content at the start of a product’s life and recycle as much as possible at its end. We have the largest recycling operation in the industry and in 2008 we diverted over 68.000 tons of flooring from landfills to recycling.

Balanced Choice
Tarkett’s “Balanced Choice” approach balances the requirements of individual customers and projects against the need to provide more sustainable solutions.
We also believe that being sustainable, as an individual or a corporation, is an everyday practice not just an idea.

Our daily focus is on being more effective and environmentally friendly by reducing our consumption of resources and production of emissions, recycling and reusing materials and creating people friendly places. That’s why we measure our environmental performance – to continue to improve and to share our progress with our customers, employees and local communities.

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